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Best 5 Arashi Song 2016

The Last Post to close the year, I'm gonna share with you guys my top five Arashi's released song of 2016.

5. Power of the Paradise [2016.09.14]

Yes!! Of Course this single had to be in my best list!! I love all of it, love the lyric, the arrangement, the PV, and the performance~~ The theme song for Rio De Jenairo Olympics!!

4. Don't You Get It [2016.10.26]

The lead track of Are You Happy? album, totally love the groove!! The PV is also very fun to watch, and the performance!!! I just can't get enough of their pelvis movement~~

3. Daylight [2016.05.18]

The second single of the year, and MatsuJun's drama theme song.. Even though there are 2 A side song, I love Daylight more then I Seek, the song is just the type that I really LOVE!!

2. Affection [2016.02.24]

This is the coupling song of Fukkatsu Love and it goes to my 2nd Best because this song is just my type of song, with the medium tempo and really good harmonization~

1. Miles Away [2016.10.26]

Yesshhhh,, my best Arashi Song of the Year is Miles Away~~~ One of the Album Song and is supervised by Ohno Satoshi. When I first heard this song it just feel nostalgic, and it's immediately become my favorite song from the whole album, but I didnt know that this song will grow so much in me that it became my best song of the year!

Arashi, otsukaresama!!! This 2016 had been the best year... and I'm looking forward for 2017~~


Sho's Bombed Face

It's been a while since I post something to my journal, taking a chance of closing the year and opening a new year ahead, I really want to share this gorgeous.. It's not something from magazine or any photoshoot, Yes!! It's from a show!!
I've been re-arranging my arashi's files lately and I rewatch some of the newest Shiyagare show, and it stumbles to me that Sho's face in the reaction is too precious to not be shared in a memory..

It's the one when Okada Junichi is the guest of the show, and he chose Sho as the cutest junior.. Sho just need to make the face when he was forced to read the lines...
Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 1.48.48 AM.png

And here's the Close Up Version of it~
Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 1.49.16 AM.png

After that, when it's the Death Match Food Battle, Sho won a chance to eat a Red Clam Sushi, and his reaction to the food is to die for...

One can know that he really like it that he ate most of the food and won't share it with the other members... He just need to make such a lovable face~~
Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.06.17 AM.png

And here's the bonus picture for WTF face...
Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 1.59.42 AM.png
The Face Sho made for such a ridiculous answer for the question about Muro Tsuyoshi brought out in the death match..



I just need one time to watch the performance of Bittersweet and I'm all over this new song!! The performance is totally a catch to watch~ Ohchan did the choreography *it's totally cute by any means* and Aiba-chan new hairstyle~~

Thus said, I am happily shared this mp3 ripped off from their performance in Hey3x..

It has fans cheered included in the song, if you don't want to hear it, then please just wait from Choco-Jun drama to hear it~


This mp3 is converted and rendered by me, Please don't reclaim it as yours and post as your own

Comments are always appreciated~ ^^

LOVE Review

[Booklet] LOVE (1) copy

After repeating the album for over and over I can finally give my opinion for the album. When I first heard the whole album, I just feel that this album is so NOT Arashi.. This album is pretty enjoyable, if we just listen it without thinking their previous songs. Apart from Breathless, Calling, and Endless Game which we already know its existence, I'd like to talk about the rest of the songs. Since this is purely my opinion, I'm very sorry if I offend some other fans who love the songs. Well, each people have different opinion, so live with it.. haha.. Let's start from the first song of the album:

Ai wo Utaou
They open the album with grand feeling, at first I thought they sing some kind of Nation's anthem song. After that, my impression change into the song where you sang when soldiers are going to depart from your country using the ship. Where people just gather around the dock and some of people just sang to let them go safely.  Probably because of the lyric "Sail away". Besides that, I kinda feel that this song sounds a bit like Cosmos, only softer (I still prefer cosmos). It is grand, and somehow after a few repetition of the song, there's a part where really got into your head.

Sayonara no Ato De
When I first hear the song, I know that this song will be my favourite song of the whole album and it still is. I love the arrangement of the song, especially the bass. I really love the reff part where the lyric kinda 'chase' each other. In the part
"Shiroi tameiki kara Koborete yuku Kimi no nukumori sae Omoidasezu".
I always love that type of songs. No more to say, I just plainly LOVE this song.

I was kinda surprised when I first heard it, since there is no interlude for the opening, they just come to you like "BAM!!!". It's kinda have the feeling of rock and roll, especially the reff part. "I'm a love~~~ fool" It kinda makes me remember about 70s-80s feeling. Somehow this song is the type of song that you'll find your family (Dad, Mum, Uncles, and Aunties) will sing in the party. But again, the reff part really got me after a while~ It's catchy!

Hit the Floor
When I first heard it, I don't really like the 'auto tune' parts, *thanks god it's only in the opening and closing part*. But after that, comes the usual part by Ohno, and I love it so much that I can forgive the auto tune part. I really love the tune in the reff part. It just stick in your mind, and refuse to go out. I feel that this is the new genre for his solo. Well, every Ohno's solo song will always got me. (since he's my bias, LOL)

"I want to sing this song in Karaoke", that was my first impression. Particularly the high note part where you can just start screaming like crazy, I can imagine to just let my emotions out when I sing it in karaoke. For Sakurap part, I actually can't grasp what is he saying until I read the lyric. Sho used too low voice to sing it.. Probably to give it more mysterious vibe to the song… Well, it does work in some point, but still I find it a lil bit weird.

Sugar and Salt
I actually love the type of song when you combined melody and rap together. In my opinion, this song is more sugary than salty~ the lyric just so sweet.. like you put too much sugar on it. It kinda give a vibe of jazz with rap on it.. Somehow it reminds me of Can't let go.. only slower than that and more rap than melody in this song. Up to now, I still love Can't let go more than this song.. I need to see Sho perform the song!

20825 nichime no kyoku
Nino somehow always has a peculiar taste to name his solo. This song kinda reminds me of 1999*4##111 but more up beat and somehow in some point it reminds me of birthday song. Still up until now I still kinda find this song a lil bit weird. Probably because the lyric itself.. it is just too usual~~ haha~~ Even Nino admit it.. but in another point of view I like it when he expresses his usual behaviour to his mom even in the song. So far, this is not my fav solo from Nino, I need to see his performance in the concert for this song, then probably my image of this song can change.

Rock Tonight
This is it!! In my opinion, this song is totally most Arashi-like when I heard it for the first time. It's very happy song, and it makes you want to jumping and clapping around~ It makes me happy just by listening to the song. I can imagine when they sing it in the concert, the atmosphere will be like "Hadashi no Mirai".

Yozora e no tegami
It's a bittersweet song, Aiba's voice really fit the song.. Since his voice sounds like he was about to cry already, I think it is really reflect on the songs.. I actually shed a tears when I heard the song for the first time. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time Aiba sing a ballad song for his solo. I'm so glad he choose to sing this genre~ Since it fit his voice~ I already love his solo even before I watch him perform the song which will be the first case for Aiba's solo.. That's how good his solo this time, in my opinion.

Dance in the dark
In my image it's a type of musical song in some part. Probably because of the arrangement. But, it is better than his last solo song. I can actually resist not to erase this song from my playlist~ *Forgive me Jun, at least yours is still in playlist*

Starlight kiss
Somehow the first opening part also reminds me of 70s-80s song.. But it's only that.. Up until now, it doesn't really left another impression to me.. The thing that makes this song seems special is because of Sakurap.. I should check how they perform this on the concert, then maybe it will left another impression.

Just like the name of the song, this song really give the vibes of 'funky'. I can actually dance along with the song. Maybe they want the music and arrangement to reflect the lyric. It's a fun song!

They close the album with the ballad song. Somehow I got some nostalgic feelings from this song, probably because of the arrangement of the music. This song also somehow give a sad feeling. I wish they put more of ballad song into the album~~~
In the end, up till now, my favourite album from Arashi is still Boku no Mite iru Fuukei. Love is not bad, but it's not powerful enough to go to big 3 in my rank. I do LOVE it though~

What's your opinion of the album? Let me know~ ^^


This is probably an old-news already.. since 24 hours period had ended like 1 month ago.. But, I just can't get over this song!! Arashi did a good job in harmonisation when singing this song~~ ❤

I listen to the original version by shounentai, but I like Arashi's version better!! Thus I decided to make mp3 from the video so I can put it in my ipod playlist~

here's the link:


This mp3 is converted and rendered by me, Please don't reclaim it as yours and post as your own.

Comments are always appreciated, especially for flailing~ ^^

5x14 & AraFES 2013

This is such a late post~~ but again, late is better than never.. ^^
Happy 14th Anniversary for Arashi~~ Now they are welcoming their 15th year together as Arashi.. I hope Arashi members can celebrate their 20th Anniversary together, and keep encouraging and inspiring the fans all over the world..
I was hoping to celebrate their 14th year with bunch of artwork.. But, it is so hard to be productive when RL is very busy.. I hardly find time to sit and draw peacefully... I only find the time to write this between my classes time, and in a minute I'm off to class again~ *Screw RL*
AraFES 2013 is just around the corner!! I actually can't wait to see the set list of AraFES 2013~~ What kind of song will they perform~~ I am more excited for the DVD though, which I hope will be release around the end of this year~~

cr pic: yamakaze067 @ twitter
Finally finished watching this special spin-off NazoDi drama~~ have to say that I totally adore Kazamatsuri Keibu now~~ In this spin-off his acting is just too cute~~ Personally I think that he is kinda annoying in the Ren-dora episodes, since he is not the center of attention.. But, after this spin-off, lots of his new sides kinda pop-out!! His image from dandy guy change into adorable one now~~


The story starts when Kazamatsuri become the winner for Detective Tournament in the whole world. Basically, he can join the tournament as Japan's representative because the number of solved cases that he (Kageyama) done~ and somehow by luck and his effort, he won the tournament~~


After that he got home and got celebrated by his maid about becoming #1 Detective in the whole world, that screen-capture is when he got shocked~~ I think this is the start of him being cutie pie~

Since it's NazoDi, ofc there has to be a case, and this time it's located in an onsen in Kunitachi area. I kinda feel that Hikarigawa, Kazamatsuri's maid kinda have the same trait as Kageyama.. in some ways.. The pic above is when Hikarigawa dressed as the owner of the bar because she wants to try it, and because the owner is actually sleeping in the counter~

I have to say that Kippei-san probably eat a lot of radish whilst filming this spin-off story~ I really love how Kazamatsuri Keibu eat the radish.. It's very cute~~♥♥

From this drama, I learn that grated radish can prevent hangover.. Is that information true?? Lol~~ Well, Kazamatsuri Keibu said it~~

This spin-off is pretty amusing, and this is kinda pictured how Kazamatsuri's life.. For his maid, Hikarigawa, I feel that he looks like Kageyama in soft way.. She's also the one who solved the mystery.. Lol, always the butler/maid who solved the mystery~~

Kageyama and Reiko-jousama only appear for a while this time, but this drama still worth watching~~

Flailing Time~~

Wow~~~ Last week Arashi ni Shiyagare is just too muchh~~~ I totally love the Arashi Host Club!!!!!! It's too funny~~~ Is it just me or Sho-chan is totally adorbs these days~~ But, his eyebags is very dark... Please have a resttt!!! *Even though I said that, my eyebags is also very puffy and dark*
Anis 02

I think it's because of the hairstyle~~ kkk~~~
Presenting Arashi Host Clubb~~~
Anis 03
Anis 01

Personally, I think Nino is very handsome in that suit~~ and his hairstyle is very neat~~ I love it~~ and Ohchan is just too thin!!!! It's like he is drowning in his suit... I hope he'll gain weight again after the filming for 24hr drama SP is finished...
Annddd.... I totally love short hair ohchannn~~~ finally he changed his hairstyle~~ *woohooo*
iimisekudoimise 01

Lol~~~ Jun and Ohchan look so happy when the time for the filming the pesky restaurant starts earlier~~ *Just how much they resent to eat in the middle of the night*
iimisekudoimise 02

Lol~~ their mortified look wen knowing that the owner of curry rice restaurant and can make such a good curry actually never been to India~~

Besides Arashi ni Shiyagare, opening talk in VS Arashi last week also funny~~

01 - suika

It starts with the thing that represent Summer, and Ohno said it's watermelon~ So, Shochan said something like "every year, you had to eat watermelon in summer right?"

02 - tabetai

And Ohno said "That's the thing I want to eat every year." *laugh* and then Sho chan said something like doing breaking watermelon game, things that japanese people usually do every summer,

03 - yaritai

and Ohchan said that he want to do it~~ thus sho chan said something about going to the beach~~~ and again

04 - ikitai

Ohchan said that he wants to go to the beach~~~ LoL~~~ In the end, he did nothing in summer *like he has time to do that*

05 - yattenai

Yeyyy~~ Tsukkomi Nino is backkk~~~ so happy to see him making the tsukkomi in here, lately he's being the boke one... Ah, bt-dubs, Ohno type of talking in here, reminds me of his episode of 明日にかける旅
Lol~~ Ohchan knows nothing when he first come to the science school~~ *I also don't know, not the science lover student* so, when the students ask him either he ever heard the first substance of chemical, he said he never heard it, then the same student as him again about the hexamethylenediamine *I need to google the name, lol* either he knows about it or not, then ohchan said "I want to know about it" *laugh* this is exactly why I love himm~~~

Lastly, I don't know if S.S.H now is popular or not in Japan, well, Our Shochan is famous for making something which is not popular, But I pretty like his joke in this one:
Super Super Hot
chou atsui
Super Super Hot!!!

How to use it:
kyou SSH desa
Today is SSH, right~~
I wonder if this one will be popular~~~ like "いいねえ” or "呼ばれてないのに、じゃじゃじゃん〜〜"

Talk to u soon~~ xoxo


Hello worlddd~~ It's been such a long time since I wrote smthg in my journal~~ fufufu~~ that's being said, I've got TONS of things to be said now~~ and it's kinda mess, since I'm going to cover a lot of things~~ 楽しみしてください〜〜

First of all, ofc about Arafes'13~ in my previous entry, I share about my list for the songs, and I did vote according to that list, but.. since I more than one smart phone, I decided to vote again with different list~~ so, here they are:
Single song:
single song
Coupling song:
coupling song
Album song:
album song
Solo song, and request:
solo song
Basically, I changed the ranking number and add some new songs which haven't been performed yet~~ and for the request, I choose Oretachi no Song~~ kinda funny to see Yama dance to that old song~~

Then~~~ My ChariTs finally arriveddd~~ I'm so happy and so content with the quality of the tshirt~~ it feels so good when you wear it~~ Now, I kinda regret that I didn't buy the yellow one.. or else, my collection will be complete.. but then again... お金問題だ。。So far, my fav is still the white T, it just so beautiful~~ Pink is also very cute~~ but, the design looks so bright on those two colors.. the 'black' part kinda look grey, and apparently they did that in purpose, probably for contrast sake. But not in blue one, it just black, and you can really see the design clearly~~
2013-08-07 18.35.15
Forgive my no-make-up face~~ kkk~ I wear the blue one today when I went out for dinner~~ the colour totally suit my skin tone~ and I absolutely in love with it~~

Now we're going to 嵐time~~~ It's been a while since I talked about their variety show~~ *I'm just too lazy to make screen caps* and I just change my laptop from windows to mac, and i need some time to really adjust to mac... seriously... I've been an active windows user for almost 10 years, and it's not easy to change the habit~~ but I really love my mac~~ it's superb!!

Let's start with Arashi ni Shiyagare from last week, the pesky restaurant special~~ I kinda feel bad for Arashi, they must be filming this in late night, and to eat that much in late night time... it's a torture.. honestly... But, I kinda feel bad for the last aniki too.. since I think Arashi kinda look sour when they knew they're going to eat steak, when their stomach condition can only eat fruits and dessert~~ lol~~
Ohno paid
Matsujun Paid
Aiba Paid
Aiba Paid 2
In the end, Ohchan paid the most!! since he paid the yakiniku one... In my memory, Ohchan always paid when Arashi members are eating yakiniku, like the one in HnA episode, where they were just eating and talking about 5 years of Himitsu no Arashi-chan.. and from their story, Ohchan also paid a lot for yakiniku, which makes him traumatic~ lol~ especially since he didn't eat a lot of meat... Ofc he will be traumatic~~ haha~~
Ohno paid face
That precious "I got it" face~~ LoL~~

Then, we have VS Arashi vs. NazoDi Movie team~~
I actually hope that Sho-chan can get his revenge this time, and win!! Especially because he was so depressed about their lost last time for 4 days~~ kkk~~
It's totally funny, cuz Aiba said 3 days, and Sho-chan corrected him by saying 4 days... I actually kinda feel that Sho and Kitagawa Keiko is such an adorbs pair~~ I love to see them together~~~ and I guess their relationship now is closer than before, probably since they met up really often for NazoDi filming time~~ I can see the difference when I re-watch the NazoDi team in 2011 and in 2013~ Before, it kinda awkward for Sho to talk to Keiko and always address her as 'ojousama' but in the newest one, he can even complain to her~~
That is when Keiko is giving direction to Sho in Pinball runner, and suddenly saying "I don't know" when she supposedly said the number of falling balls.. She did say that she can't predict it well and tell Sho to believe in himself *I'm roaring with laugh when I watch it* Ahh~~ I really love their relationship now~~ Too bad that in the end NazoDi team lost, because Sho trade the -30 panels on rolling viking for arashi team in exchange for 15 seconds of promotion time~~

I have to say, Shochan hairstyle lately is totally stunning~~ I love it when he make it like the one in VSA and in presscon of NazoDi Movie~~ And, I am starting to like Ima, kono kao ga sugoi~~ last week episode is totally interesting for girls since it was talking about make up~~
Sho's adorable shocked face when he saw girl who was imitating Ishihara Satomi make-up imitation.. It's really amazing.. you can imitate the artist just by following their make up style~~

Lastly, I can't wait for 今日の日はさよなら drama.. I am gonna prepare a box of tissue when i watched it... I believe my eyes will be swollen the next day...
Ohno Bald
I know it supposed to be a sad scene, but I just can't hold my laugh when I saw this scene!! bald ohchan~~ it really looks like his childhood photo~~
Talk to you soon~~~~ xoxo

My very own FREESTYLE

I am totally HAPPY~~~
Finally, my book is arrived~~ Freestyle!! I'm totally excited last night.. and spend like 3 hours to look at it.. And I still can't get enuf actually.. But I need to sleep... So, I'm gonna look at it tonight too~~

I've been waiting for this book... At first I am confused either should buy it or not.. I saw some scans version of this book. But, since my passion for art has returned, and I'm gonna nurture it... I kinda make an excuse to finally buy this book~ and I have to say, I'm such a fool to be so confused either I should buy it or not, cuz I totally SHOULD buy it sooner!!

I know and already seen pieces of Ohno's art from variety show ofc, and some news about his freestyle exhibition.. and ofc, they will show the arts.. But, I totally love the 'making' picture from this book~~ It shows different side of Ohno, which is totally un-idol like.. I should say that Ohno lookS totally sexy when he's doing his art.. After all, the one who concentrated on doing something looks awesome and attractive, at least to me.. and I totally love the ambiance he has when he was making arts.

My favorite's painting:

I actually love how Ohno can really draw something so detail.. just like this year charity tshirt... I admire him, and his work in this freestyle book is kinda like an inspiration to me..

When I order this book, I was kinda afraid that I won't get it, since, this book is published in 2008, you know, 5 years ago~ That's why when I got it, I'm so happy!!! and I actually find a reason why I can get it:
My book is the 12th printed version which is printed on last march... I have to say, that it's superb... they have printed this book for 12 times in 5 years!!

So, for Arashian out there, especially Ohno's fans, if you haven't buy Freestyle, I totally recommend you to buy it~~ Or else, Ohno will be sad, and a lil bit mad~ lol~

PS: I totally love Ohno's hairstyle in that picture above~ He looks so cute~~ Please have that hairstyle again, Ohno~~~ Who's with me in this opinion? Put your hands up!!