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Clarissa Chandra
14 January 2014 @ 01:08 am

I just need one time to watch the performance of Bittersweet and I'm all over this new song!! The performance is totally a catch to watch~ Ohchan did the choreography *it's totally cute by any means* and Aiba-chan new hairstyle~~

Thus said, I am happily shared this mp3 ripped off from their performance in Hey3x..

It has fans cheered included in the song, if you don't want to hear it, then please just wait from Choco-Jun drama to hear it~


This mp3 is converted and rendered by me, Please don't reclaim it as yours and post as your own

Comments are always appreciated~ ^^
Music: 嵐の Bittersweet
Clarissa Chandra
24 October 2013 @ 01:14 pm
[Booklet] LOVE (1) copy

After repeating the album for over and over I can finally give my opinion for the album. When I first heard the whole album, I just feel that this album is so NOT Arashi.. This album is pretty enjoyable, if we just listen it without thinking their previous songs. Apart from Breathless, Calling, and Endless Game which we already know its existence, I'd like to talk about the rest of the songs. Since this is purely my opinion, I'm very sorry if I offend some other fans who love the songs. Well, each people have different opinion, so live with it.. haha.. Let's start from the first song of the album:

Ai wo Utaou
They open the album with grand feeling, at first I thought they sing some kind of Nation's anthem song. After that, my impression change into the song where you sang when soldiers are going to depart from your country using the ship. Where people just gather around the dock and some of people just sang to let them go safely.  Probably because of the lyric "Sail away". Besides that, I kinda feel that this song sounds a bit like Cosmos, only softer (I still prefer cosmos). It is grand, and somehow after a few repetition of the song, there's a part where really got into your head.

Sayonara no Ato De
When I first hear the song, I know that this song will be my favourite song of the whole album and it still is. I love the arrangement of the song, especially the bass. I really love the reff part where the lyric kinda 'chase' each other. In the part
"Shiroi tameiki kara Koborete yuku Kimi no nukumori sae Omoidasezu".
I always love that type of songs. No more to say, I just plainly LOVE this song.

I was kinda surprised when I first heard it, since there is no interlude for the opening, they just come to you like "BAM!!!". It's kinda have the feeling of rock and roll, especially the reff part. "I'm a love~~~ fool" It kinda makes me remember about 70s-80s feeling. Somehow this song is the type of song that you'll find your family (Dad, Mum, Uncles, and Aunties) will sing in the party. But again, the reff part really got me after a while~ It's catchy!

Hit the Floor
When I first heard it, I don't really like the 'auto tune' parts, *thanks god it's only in the opening and closing part*. But after that, comes the usual part by Ohno, and I love it so much that I can forgive the auto tune part. I really love the tune in the reff part. It just stick in your mind, and refuse to go out. I feel that this is the new genre for his solo. Well, every Ohno's solo song will always got me. (since he's my bias, LOL)

"I want to sing this song in Karaoke", that was my first impression. Particularly the high note part where you can just start screaming like crazy, I can imagine to just let my emotions out when I sing it in karaoke. For Sakurap part, I actually can't grasp what is he saying until I read the lyric. Sho used too low voice to sing it.. Probably to give it more mysterious vibe to the song… Well, it does work in some point, but still I find it a lil bit weird.

Sugar and Salt
I actually love the type of song when you combined melody and rap together. In my opinion, this song is more sugary than salty~ the lyric just so sweet.. like you put too much sugar on it. It kinda give a vibe of jazz with rap on it.. Somehow it reminds me of Can't let go.. only slower than that and more rap than melody in this song. Up to now, I still love Can't let go more than this song.. I need to see Sho perform the song!

20825 nichime no kyoku
Nino somehow always has a peculiar taste to name his solo. This song kinda reminds me of 1999*4##111 but more up beat and somehow in some point it reminds me of birthday song. Still up until now I still kinda find this song a lil bit weird. Probably because the lyric itself.. it is just too usual~~ haha~~ Even Nino admit it.. but in another point of view I like it when he expresses his usual behaviour to his mom even in the song. So far, this is not my fav solo from Nino, I need to see his performance in the concert for this song, then probably my image of this song can change.

Rock Tonight
This is it!! In my opinion, this song is totally most Arashi-like when I heard it for the first time. It's very happy song, and it makes you want to jumping and clapping around~ It makes me happy just by listening to the song. I can imagine when they sing it in the concert, the atmosphere will be like "Hadashi no Mirai".

Yozora e no tegami
It's a bittersweet song, Aiba's voice really fit the song.. Since his voice sounds like he was about to cry already, I think it is really reflect on the songs.. I actually shed a tears when I heard the song for the first time. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time Aiba sing a ballad song for his solo. I'm so glad he choose to sing this genre~ Since it fit his voice~ I already love his solo even before I watch him perform the song which will be the first case for Aiba's solo.. That's how good his solo this time, in my opinion.

Dance in the dark
In my image it's a type of musical song in some part. Probably because of the arrangement. But, it is better than his last solo song. I can actually resist not to erase this song from my playlist~ *Forgive me Jun, at least yours is still in playlist*

Starlight kiss
Somehow the first opening part also reminds me of 70s-80s song.. But it's only that.. Up until now, it doesn't really left another impression to me.. The thing that makes this song seems special is because of Sakurap.. I should check how they perform this on the concert, then maybe it will left another impression.

Just like the name of the song, this song really give the vibes of 'funky'. I can actually dance along with the song. Maybe they want the music and arrangement to reflect the lyric. It's a fun song!

They close the album with the ballad song. Somehow I got some nostalgic feelings from this song, probably because of the arrangement of the music. This song also somehow give a sad feeling. I wish they put more of ballad song into the album~~~
In the end, up till now, my favourite album from Arashi is still Boku no Mite iru Fuukei. Love is not bad, but it's not powerful enough to go to big 3 in my rank. I do LOVE it though~

What's your opinion of the album? Let me know~ ^^
Music: 嵐のサヨナラのあとで
Clarissa Chandra
30 September 2013 @ 10:51 am
This is probably an old-news already.. since 24 hours period had ended like 1 month ago.. But, I just can't get over this song!! Arashi did a good job in harmonisation when singing this song~~ ❤

I listen to the original version by shounentai, but I like Arashi's version better!! Thus I decided to make mp3 from the video so I can put it in my ipod playlist~

here's the link:


This mp3 is converted and rendered by me, Please don't reclaim it as yours and post as your own.

Comments are always appreciated, especially for flailing~ ^^
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Clarissa Chandra
19 September 2013 @ 03:23 pm
This is such a late post~~ but again, late is better than never.. ^^
Happy 14th Anniversary for Arashi~~ Now they are welcoming their 15th year together as Arashi.. I hope Arashi members can celebrate their 20th Anniversary together, and keep encouraging and inspiring the fans all over the world..
I was hoping to celebrate their 14th year with bunch of artwork.. But, it is so hard to be productive when RL is very busy.. I hardly find time to sit and draw peacefully... I only find the time to write this between my classes time, and in a minute I'm off to class again~ *Screw RL*
AraFES 2013 is just around the corner!! I actually can't wait to see the set list of AraFES 2013~~ What kind of song will they perform~~ I am more excited for the DVD though, which I hope will be release around the end of this year~~

cr pic: yamakaze067 @ twitter
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Clarissa Chandra
Finally finished watching this special spin-off NazoDi drama~~ have to say that I totally adore Kazamatsuri Keibu now~~ In this spin-off his acting is just too cute~~ Personally I think that he is kinda annoying in the Ren-dora episodes, since he is not the center of attention.. But, after this spin-off, lots of his new sides kinda pop-out!! His image from dandy guy change into adorable one now~~


The story starts when Kazamatsuri become the winner for Detective Tournament in the whole world. Basically, he can join the tournament as Japan's representative because the number of solved cases that he (Kageyama) done~ and somehow by luck and his effort, he won the tournament~~


After that he got home and got celebrated by his maid about becoming #1 Detective in the whole world, that screen-capture is when he got shocked~~ I think this is the start of him being cutie pie~

Since it's NazoDi, ofc there has to be a case, and this time it's located in an onsen in Kunitachi area. I kinda feel that Hikarigawa, Kazamatsuri's maid kinda have the same trait as Kageyama.. in some ways.. The pic above is when Hikarigawa dressed as the owner of the bar because she wants to try it, and because the owner is actually sleeping in the counter~

I have to say that Kippei-san probably eat a lot of radish whilst filming this spin-off story~ I really love how Kazamatsuri Keibu eat the radish.. It's very cute~~♥♥

From this drama, I learn that grated radish can prevent hangover.. Is that information true?? Lol~~ Well, Kazamatsuri Keibu said it~~

This spin-off is pretty amusing, and this is kinda pictured how Kazamatsuri's life.. For his maid, Hikarigawa, I feel that he looks like Kageyama in soft way.. She's also the one who solved the mystery.. Lol, always the butler/maid who solved the mystery~~

Kageyama and Reiko-jousama only appear for a while this time, but this drama still worth watching~~
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Clarissa Chandra
12 August 2013 @ 04:15 am
Wow~~~ Last week Arashi ni Shiyagare is just too muchh~~~ I totally love the Arashi Host Club!!!!!! It's too funny~~~ Is it just me or Sho-chan is totally adorbs these days~~ But, his eyebags is very dark... Please have a resttt!!! *Even though I said that, my eyebags is also very puffy and dark*
Anis 02

I think it's because of the hairstyle~~ kkk~~~
Presenting Arashi Host Clubb~~~
Anis 03
Anis 01

Personally, I think Nino is very handsome in that suit~~ and his hairstyle is very neat~~ I love it~~ and Ohchan is just too thin!!!! It's like he is drowning in his suit... I hope he'll gain weight again after the filming for 24hr drama SP is finished...
Annddd.... I totally love short hair ohchannn~~~ finally he changed his hairstyle~~ *woohooo*
iimisekudoimise 01

Lol~~~ Jun and Ohchan look so happy when the time for the filming the pesky restaurant starts earlier~~ *Just how much they resent to eat in the middle of the night*
iimisekudoimise 02

Lol~~ their mortified look wen knowing that the owner of curry rice restaurant and can make such a good curry actually never been to India~~

Besides Arashi ni Shiyagare, opening talk in VS Arashi last week also funny~~

01 - suika

It starts with the thing that represent Summer, and Ohno said it's watermelon~ So, Shochan said something like "every year, you had to eat watermelon in summer right?"

02 - tabetai

And Ohno said "That's the thing I want to eat every year." *laugh* and then Sho chan said something like doing breaking watermelon game, things that japanese people usually do every summer,

03 - yaritai

and Ohchan said that he want to do it~~ thus sho chan said something about going to the beach~~~ and again

04 - ikitai

Ohchan said that he wants to go to the beach~~~ LoL~~~ In the end, he did nothing in summer *like he has time to do that*

05 - yattenai

Yeyyy~~ Tsukkomi Nino is backkk~~~ so happy to see him making the tsukkomi in here, lately he's being the boke one... Ah, bt-dubs, Ohno type of talking in here, reminds me of his episode of 明日にかける旅
Lol~~ Ohchan knows nothing when he first come to the science school~~ *I also don't know, not the science lover student* so, when the students ask him either he ever heard the first substance of chemical, he said he never heard it, then the same student as him again about the hexamethylenediamine *I need to google the name, lol* either he knows about it or not, then ohchan said "I want to know about it" *laugh* this is exactly why I love himm~~~

Lastly, I don't know if S.S.H now is popular or not in Japan, well, Our Shochan is famous for making something which is not popular, But I pretty like his joke in this one:
Super Super Hot
chou atsui
Super Super Hot!!!

How to use it:
kyou SSH desa
Today is SSH, right~~
I wonder if this one will be popular~~~ like "いいねえ” or "呼ばれてないのに、じゃじゃじゃん〜〜"

Talk to u soon~~ xoxo
Clarissa Chandra
08 August 2013 @ 02:26 am
Hello worlddd~~ It's been such a long time since I wrote smthg in my journal~~ fufufu~~ that's being said, I've got TONS of things to be said now~~ and it's kinda mess, since I'm going to cover a lot of things~~ 楽しみしてください〜〜

First of all, ofc about Arafes'13~ in my previous entry, I share about my list for the songs, and I did vote according to that list, but.. since I more than one smart phone, I decided to vote again with different list~~ so, here they are:
Single song:
single song
Coupling song:
coupling song
Album song:
album song
Solo song, and request:
solo song
Basically, I changed the ranking number and add some new songs which haven't been performed yet~~ and for the request, I choose Oretachi no Song~~ kinda funny to see Yama dance to that old song~~

Then~~~ My ChariTs finally arriveddd~~ I'm so happy and so content with the quality of the tshirt~~ it feels so good when you wear it~~ Now, I kinda regret that I didn't buy the yellow one.. or else, my collection will be complete.. but then again... お金問題だ。。So far, my fav is still the white T, it just so beautiful~~ Pink is also very cute~~ but, the design looks so bright on those two colors.. the 'black' part kinda look grey, and apparently they did that in purpose, probably for contrast sake. But not in blue one, it just black, and you can really see the design clearly~~
2013-08-07 18.35.15
Forgive my no-make-up face~~ kkk~ I wear the blue one today when I went out for dinner~~ the colour totally suit my skin tone~ and I absolutely in love with it~~

Now we're going to 嵐time~~~ It's been a while since I talked about their variety show~~ *I'm just too lazy to make screen caps* and I just change my laptop from windows to mac, and i need some time to really adjust to mac... seriously... I've been an active windows user for almost 10 years, and it's not easy to change the habit~~ but I really love my mac~~ it's superb!!

Let's start with Arashi ni Shiyagare from last week, the pesky restaurant special~~ I kinda feel bad for Arashi, they must be filming this in late night, and to eat that much in late night time... it's a torture.. honestly... But, I kinda feel bad for the last aniki too.. since I think Arashi kinda look sour when they knew they're going to eat steak, when their stomach condition can only eat fruits and dessert~~ lol~~
Ohno paid
Matsujun Paid
Aiba Paid
Aiba Paid 2
In the end, Ohchan paid the most!! since he paid the yakiniku one... In my memory, Ohchan always paid when Arashi members are eating yakiniku, like the one in HnA episode, where they were just eating and talking about 5 years of Himitsu no Arashi-chan.. and from their story, Ohchan also paid a lot for yakiniku, which makes him traumatic~ lol~ especially since he didn't eat a lot of meat... Ofc he will be traumatic~~ haha~~
Ohno paid face
That precious "I got it" face~~ LoL~~

Then, we have VS Arashi vs. NazoDi Movie team~~
I actually hope that Sho-chan can get his revenge this time, and win!! Especially because he was so depressed about their lost last time for 4 days~~ kkk~~
It's totally funny, cuz Aiba said 3 days, and Sho-chan corrected him by saying 4 days... I actually kinda feel that Sho and Kitagawa Keiko is such an adorbs pair~~ I love to see them together~~~ and I guess their relationship now is closer than before, probably since they met up really often for NazoDi filming time~~ I can see the difference when I re-watch the NazoDi team in 2011 and in 2013~ Before, it kinda awkward for Sho to talk to Keiko and always address her as 'ojousama' but in the newest one, he can even complain to her~~
That is when Keiko is giving direction to Sho in Pinball runner, and suddenly saying "I don't know" when she supposedly said the number of falling balls.. She did say that she can't predict it well and tell Sho to believe in himself *I'm roaring with laugh when I watch it* Ahh~~ I really love their relationship now~~ Too bad that in the end NazoDi team lost, because Sho trade the -30 panels on rolling viking for arashi team in exchange for 15 seconds of promotion time~~

I have to say, Shochan hairstyle lately is totally stunning~~ I love it when he make it like the one in VSA and in presscon of NazoDi Movie~~ And, I am starting to like Ima, kono kao ga sugoi~~ last week episode is totally interesting for girls since it was talking about make up~~
Sho's adorable shocked face when he saw girl who was imitating Ishihara Satomi make-up imitation.. It's really amazing.. you can imitate the artist just by following their make up style~~

Lastly, I can't wait for 今日の日はさよなら drama.. I am gonna prepare a box of tissue when i watched it... I believe my eyes will be swollen the next day...
Ohno Bald
I know it supposed to be a sad scene, but I just can't hold my laugh when I saw this scene!! bald ohchan~~ it really looks like his childhood photo~~
Talk to you soon~~~~ xoxo
Music: 嵐の君がいるから
Clarissa Chandra
25 June 2013 @ 01:26 pm
I am totally HAPPY~~~
Finally, my book is arrived~~ Freestyle!! I'm totally excited last night.. and spend like 3 hours to look at it.. And I still can't get enuf actually.. But I need to sleep... So, I'm gonna look at it tonight too~~

I've been waiting for this book... At first I am confused either should buy it or not.. I saw some scans version of this book. But, since my passion for art has returned, and I'm gonna nurture it... I kinda make an excuse to finally buy this book~ and I have to say, I'm such a fool to be so confused either I should buy it or not, cuz I totally SHOULD buy it sooner!!

I know and already seen pieces of Ohno's art from variety show ofc, and some news about his freestyle exhibition.. and ofc, they will show the arts.. But, I totally love the 'making' picture from this book~~ It shows different side of Ohno, which is totally un-idol like.. I should say that Ohno lookS totally sexy when he's doing his art.. After all, the one who concentrated on doing something looks awesome and attractive, at least to me.. and I totally love the ambiance he has when he was making arts.

My favorite's painting:

I actually love how Ohno can really draw something so detail.. just like this year charity tshirt... I admire him, and his work in this freestyle book is kinda like an inspiration to me..

When I order this book, I was kinda afraid that I won't get it, since, this book is published in 2008, you know, 5 years ago~ That's why when I got it, I'm so happy!!! and I actually find a reason why I can get it:
My book is the 12th printed version which is printed on last march... I have to say, that it's superb... they have printed this book for 12 times in 5 years!!

So, for Arashian out there, especially Ohno's fans, if you haven't buy Freestyle, I totally recommend you to buy it~~ Or else, Ohno will be sad, and a lil bit mad~ lol~

PS: I totally love Ohno's hairstyle in that picture above~ He looks so cute~~ Please have that hairstyle again, Ohno~~~ Who's with me in this opinion? Put your hands up!!
Music: 嵐の願い
Clarissa Chandra
22 June 2013 @ 06:32 pm
Hellowww everybodeeehhhh~~~ I'm so excited since soon there will be Arafes 2~~ IDK either they alrdy had the poll for the set list or not, and I know I can't vote for that!! *screw living outside of Japan* Turns out I can vote!!! and I'll vote 4 times~~ woohoo~~. So, I make my own set list songs wish for this coming Arafes, and SINCERELY wish most of the people in Japan anywhere around the world will agree with me... *finger crossed*

And, I won't include the songs that had been sung in the first Arafes, since I want to see another performance by them.. I've seen lots of my favorite songs been sung alrdy in the first one, so here's the 2nd batch of my fav songs:
Coupling Song
I actually enjoy lots of their coupling songs, but if I have to choose the best 10, then this is my choice:
1. Hitori Janaisa (Facedown single)
2. Full of Love (Calling x Breathless single) *oh yeahhhhh~~~*
3. Monochrome (Endless Game single)
4. Ever (Lotus single)
5. Boom Boom (Lotus Single)
6. Over (Love Rainbow Single)
7. Utakata (Meikyuu Love Song Single)
8. Mou Ippo (Troublemaker Single)
9. Ichioku no Hoshi (Wish)
10. Boku wa Boku no Subete (Beautiful Days)
Please let them be sing in ARAFES 2~~ (>_<)

Single Song
I don't have a Lot for single song, probably because I always replaying their performance from TV shows in my lappie, but yeah! These are my best single songs:
1. Endless Game *Who else wanna see the performance again? Put your hands up! Yeah, yeah, yeah~~~*
2. Ashita no Kioku
3. My Girl
4. Dear Snow
5. Monster
6. Your Eyes *totally love this song! I know it just been sung in Popcorn Tour, but STILL!!*
7. Jidai
8. Calling
9. Breathless
10. Aozora Pedal
I totally wanna see them singing Calling again, one time is NOT enuffff~~~

Album Song
Some of these songs below, had been performed before in a concert.. but some don't.. and I really hope they can perform it later~~~
1. Mada Minu Sekai e (Beautiful World)
2. Koe (Dream A Live)
3. Always (Beautiful World)
4. Right Back to you (Iza, Now)
5. Subarashiki Sekai (One)
6. Firefly (Time)
7. Carry On (Time)
8. Be With You (Time)
9. Let me Down (Boku no Miteiru Fuukei)
10. Mukae ni Iku Yo (Boku no Miteiru Fuukei)

大野智 = I'm tormented between TOP SECRET and Take me Faraway!!! Can't choose!!! So I put both of them~~
櫻井翔 = Kono Mama Motto. I am totally fall to this song.
相葉雅紀 = Janakute or Hello goodbye... Again, I can't choose~~ (>_<)
二宮和也 = 痕跡(Scar), because I wanna see him sing this one again~~ *Need to type this song for it's not in the choice of Nino's solo*
松本潤 = Come Back to me.. The only song from his solo that I like.

Now, I can just pray that some of my list are getting into Arafes 2~~

So Guys, what kind of Arashi song that you want to be sung in Arafes 2 later??
Music: 嵐のモノクロ
Clarissa Chandra
17 June 2013 @ 11:53 am
I am totally fascinated by this year 24hr TV charity Tshirt design~ It is totally different from last year's.. This year I can totally see how hard Ohno worked for the design~~ Totally love the complexity of the design... And No, this comment not only because he's my biased, but because I totally adore him as an artist.. I would like to know what did he think when he made the design...
The big flower in the middle is OFC the courtesy of Yayoi Kusuma-san.. and the fine details are the courtesy of Satoshi Ohno... I was planning on buying the white T, cuz it's totally adorable, and you can see the design clearly... However... Pink and blue are just too cute... so yeah.. I bought 3 of' em..
And no, I don't buy these 3 tshirt because certain Arashi members wear it at the end of Shiyagare last saturday... But, it makes me happy that Ohno wear the white T, cuz even before I knew he wore that one, I alrdy fallin' in love with white T~
So,  minna-san, which T will you buy for this year 24hr TV?
Music: 嵐のスーパーフレッシュ
Clarissa Chandra
Happy 30th Birthday Nino-chan (He's older than me, but I'm still calling him Nino-chan)~~~~~ Usually, every member's birthday I'll post the best 3 of their solo's... So I'm gonna do that to, to our beloved Neen~ Honestly, It's quite hard to choose it.. But I need to! >_<

3. 痕跡 (Scar)
I am totally fall in love with this song.. Based on my research (from wikipedia) this song is the debut of Nino's composed song as Arashi. I love the lyric, I love the melody, and I love the live performance~~

2. それはやっぱり君でした(It was you after all)
This one is from the last album, Popcorn~~ I kinda feel that the theme is somehow unfit with the whole popcorn album, but again... I can't resist the piano live version of Nino~~~ It just too AWESOME!!!! I totally worship Nino live performance while him playing the piano.

1. Gimmick Game
Gimmick Game is OFC the first one~~~~ I totally love the music~~~ even before I saw the performance, I already love it~~ I knew Nino alrdy perform this one in Dome tour 2008, but it wasn't in the dvd until arafes.. I'm so ecstatic when I saw that Nino will perform Gimmick Game in Arafes~~~ Aaww~~~ Sexy Neen~~~
Music: 大野智のTake Me Faraway
Clarissa Chandra
16 May 2013 @ 09:25 pm
Hi all!!
Quick rumbling, I'm still high because of Yoshimoto Sensei's hot abs ~~ I can't wait to watch it every week!!! (>x<)
Ok, put the fangirling aside, I want to share my review to you about my latest concealer from Clinique:
yeah, that one.. I bought it because of the effect it will do to my skin actually.. But, but, but~~~ I don't think I'll ever use it!!! The color is actually way too darker for me.. *cries*
See, the darker one? That one is from Clinique, and the one that I use now is the lighter color one from Etude House..

Not only it was darker, but the clinique's also have a special texture I guess... Usually, I will put the concealer all over my face then blend it, but when I do the same with Clinique's, the texture got sticky and it can't blend well as Etude's. Moreover, it will leave a mark on your face, not to mention my face looks like somebody throw a choco paint on it..

I am so sad actually, since I really like Clinique's products... I hope that the concealer come in 2 different colors so that I can choose the lighter one and it can fit my skin tone~~

Till then~~
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Clarissa Chandra
10 May 2013 @ 04:38 pm
I've been meaning to post this one since forever, but sadly, got no time to do it.. Works have been hard on me these few weeks. But, between those weeks, I managed my time to go shopping and bought lots of things~~ I actually bought lots of things, but since this post is about make up only, So I will resist myself for not posting the other things..

So, first of all, I got my holiday to go to Penang, on the other day, and since I am running out of face masks, and lipstick, I decided to buy some:
I've got the face masks from Nature Republic, and I.LOVE.IT~♥ Nature Republic is my favorite brand besides Etude House, and I am so gonna buy this mask again. The after effect that I got from this mask is basically kinda same with the one I got from Etude's.. I feel my skin become firmer, bouncy, and softer on the next day.. NEXT, is another favorite of mine, Anna Sui and Bobbi Brown~ I bought the pinky peach color lipstick from Anna Sui, and a creamy pale bellini pink from Bobbi Brown. Both of the colors looks nice with my skin tone~ and I am loving it~~
Realizing that my eye cream for Clinique is gonna running out in the near future, I got to buy the new one, and I am tempted to try Clinique's concealer. They said that the concealer is having a formula to treat your pimple.. and I also bought another toner, well, you've seen one in my post alrdy, so I don't put it in the pic here~ =P. Thing that I love when buying make up product here is that they give lots of tester as free product. From Clinique I got the make up pouch, eye and lip make up remover, mascara, and perfume as the free gifts~ It's so generous~ I wouldn't get it in my country even though I'm buying the same product or more.
When I went to Penang, I realize that traveling can be so annoying when u brought lots of things, remembering that I will go to Kuala Lumpur and Penang again, I made a wise choice to buy the small bottle and cups for my shampoo, soap, toner, cream, and so on~~ I just don't like the hotel's soap and shampoo, prefer to use mine. I bought all of them in Sasa~ I just love that place~

This week end I was in Kuala Lumpur, and I use all of my small little convenient things and yeah! I have no regret at all buying those.. It was so useful! When I was in KL with my friend, she was trying to buy a serum for her hair. Honestly, I never use hair serum in my life before, a hair's vitamin yes, but no serum. But then again, due to my hairstyle now, I need to use the iron curly everyday. Thus, since my hair's vitamin is already run out, I decided to try this serum:
This one is imported from Japan, and I found this one in Guardian. It said that this product will protect your hair from heat when you use the curly iron and make it last longer even in the humid day. Just fit for me. Actually, I am also attracted to it because of its packaging. It's PINK for the love of God~ LoL, I love how Japanese Company know how to satisfy girls. I've tried using it for 4 days, and the result so far is satisfying. My curly is staying in my hair longer than before. However, i haven't got a chance to proof the humidity things cuz it's been very hot in my town! I think the most humid one is in last two weeks, and I still remember I got a very bad hair day at that time.. *sigh*

That's all from me, and till my next haul!~♥

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Clarissa Chandra
10 May 2013 @ 11:05 am
Oh... I know this episode it's like 1 week ago, but I really need to post this one!!!! My Fangirling mood is so high now, and the reason behind that one is no other than Aiba-chan~~ I am totally enjoy VSA episode where Ikyuusan 2 Drama team is the guest.. Suzuki Fuku-kun, and Higashiyama Senpai~~ owh, can't resist it.. Even though most of the fans were freaking out about Ohmiya combination when they danced their senpai's song, for me, the one which left the deep impression is Aiba's gag in Dual Curling.

I believe that his gag is spontaneous since he looks flustered when Sho-chan give him the cue to make a gag~ I am loving the way he responds quickly to the cue, and of course the way he did the gag itself. The pics won't do him justice because the thing that makes me laugh the most is his intonation when he said the gag.
Lol-ing when he tried to mimic Ikyuu-san way of thinking~
Then, the gag starts!!!
"Mazu ha, socchi wo minai, socchi wo minai"
(First, I won't look, won't look to that side)

"Mienai pressure kanjinai kanjinai"
(The unseen pressure, don't feel it, don't feel it)

"Senpai ni taishitemo honki de yaru no ga reigi reigi"
(As I'm battling against my senior, mind the manner, mind the manner)

Oh, Aiba-chan~~ I totally love your comical reaction!

PS: anybody here watch all of their new solo variety shows? I find it very hard to find a will to watch Sho's.. But I'm expecting Aiba's every week!! LoL~~
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Clarissa Chandra
27 April 2013 @ 07:58 am

Nothing ruins Saturday better than having to go to work (again) without getting paid.. saturday usually is a day off for me and because of some things, they demand us to work on saturday too... *sigh* as I thought that my saturday will be ruined cuz I'm in a very bad mood to go to work today, bunnyandclover release pof Kazoku Game eps 2 saved me~~~ *it's too exaggerating? No!* at least I can be happy now, knowing after the work I got some reward~~~


dedicated this post to every Arashian who need to work on week ends~~

Clarissa Chandra
22 April 2013 @ 06:13 pm
So, so, so, happy~~~~~ Saturday was so fantastic!! I thought that it will be such a dull day..... Well, I had to go to workshop that was held by my office in the morning, in Malay language... (=__=;) How am I supposed to understand that? They already use such a difficult term, and now they're using Malay to explain it... and then,, The releases save my day!!!! They have Kazoku Game ep 1, VS Arashi (Arashi vs. Kazoku Game Team), and.... the leak of Popcorn Live Tour DVD~~~~~~ While waiting for Popcorn's download loads to finish, I feast myself first with Kazoku Game and VS Arashi~~ And finally~~~ Yesterday I can enjoy the DVD~~~~

I am totally High when I watched it~~ and here some highlight of Popcorn Tour:
1. Water Artistic Footage
I am totally love it~~~~ Arashi's Live is never failed to amazed me~~~ The flying in the sky action, water fountain, and now THIS!
I like it when they put the water artistic footage in 証 and リフレイン~ and I really love it when they put the dance part for リフレイン~~ In the Scene tour, they only sing.. and now they are dancing!! with the red umbrella and purple coat~ Totally fall in love with リフレイン performance~~~

2. Member's Solo
I am totally fall in love with Member's solo *except Jun's* (Sorry Jun, I tried to watch your performance, but it is still not resonating with my heart, so yeah....) I am still amazed by how NICE their voice when I heard they sang it LIVE while DANCING!!!!!!
相葉 の 楽園
I am totally fall in love with 楽園 now!! Aiba's solo usually will 'catch' me after I watch the performance... such as Hello Good bye, じゃなくて, Friendship, and 優しくて少しバカ... And.... 楽園 is totally my favorite now~~~~ The dance part is so...... Aiba~~~~ And I really like it when he wipe his mouth and blow it to the fans~~~ "mouth-wiping kiss" LoL

櫻井 の Fly on Friday
fly on friday
From the very beginning of the song, Sho already makes me dance together with him!! Just like he said, this song is really to have some fun~~ and Yes! I AM having fun while watching his performance~~ Sho, I am totally your admirer!!!! The dance movement is very easy and it's catchy~~ I especially love the movement when he sang "furisosogu MAGIC~"

大野 の Two
His solo is just.... PERFECT! I don't know what to say, the melody, the dance part, and his powerful voice~ he made me amazed again in "furueru hodooooo~~~~~~" part.... I will never tired watching Ohno's solo~~ (>_<)

二宮 の それはやっぱり君でした
sore wa yappari kimi deshita
Nino, and piano = Perfect Combination... Totally like it when he sang his solo with Piano~~ although I also love it when he became 'naughty' in Gimmick Game~ But!! Blue Nino is awesome~~~ He sang his solo with full of emotion, and I totally like the melody of his piano~

3. Ohno's Choreography
I am speechless.... Oh-chan~~~~ You are so COOL!!! and again, all his choreography is very lively and has Ohno's feel in it, so it's kinda fun watching all the member's dance~
Up to You
Up To You is very lively!!! It really good as its the opening song~~ They brought high tension to all the audiences~~~
Cosmos is very interesting~~~ I like How Oh-chan's divided the dance movement into two tempos.. fast and slow~~ and how they met in the center and dance together~~
Super Fresh
SUPER FRESH!!! From all of them, this is my favorite~~~~ I like it when they hold their chest and bow to audience every time the word "kansha" (thanks) comes out~~ and It is so adorable to watch them dance and marching to the center stage~~~
tsuide oide
Tsuide Oide~~~ Fishing Dance!!!! That's really the highlight~ too bad they only did it once~

4. Recycle Clothes
At first I thought the clothes look similar, but then I realized, that it is actually the same!!! They recycle 3 costumes from Arafes~ The blue jacket, Pink jacket, and colorful vest~~~ They add more 'popcorn' thingy to the costumes~~~

After all, I really enjoy this Live concert~~~ and also the popcorn Man~~ How adorable they are~~
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Clarissa Chandra
17 March 2013 @ 11:09 am
I just finished watching Nino in Honma Dekka! Lol, I laugh so hard that he actually bring the problems of him being stingy~~~ where can u find an idol to tell the others that he is actually such a cheapskate and really loves money~~~ But the thing which me laugh the most is when Nino was asked is he popular? If you compare it to the other members of Arashi.
He said that Sho-shan, Matsujun, and Aiba-san are popular... and then the other guests were asking like "Eh? then what about Ohno-kun?", After Nino heard that, he sharply said "Ohno is NOT popular"

Oh, Ninoooo~~~~ He (Ohno) IS popular~~~~~ Even in others' program, Nino still teased Ohno.. *though the person is not there*

Ah~ I love their relationship~~~~
Clarissa Chandra
16 March 2013 @ 07:04 pm
Last week, I had a chance to go to Penang and finally experiencing back the hedonism after a while... Even though it's only for shopping and food.. but still, finally.... So, I thought I need to buy a stock for my skins 'food'~~ and... here they are:
Basically, I bought lots of skin treatment rather than the cosmetic itself.. Since my cosmetics stock is still in a good condition~~ Bought the toner, cream, mask, eye cream, and pimple treatment from Clinique~ I have to say that I love their product! It works well with my face! and I also bought mask from Etude.. The Pomegranate one, I like it.. my skin looks very healthy in the next day after I use the mask at the night before sleep~~ and I got lots of tester~~ fufufu~~ I'm thinking of buying volumer from Etude House, later... That one gives my face a healthy skin finishing after I put my make-up~~~
And... I'm loving my new nail-polish~~~~ ^^
Clarissa Chandra
11 March 2013 @ 12:11 am
Finished watching VSA MMDA Special, and even though I already know who is the MMDA of 2012, I still have fun watching it~~~ ^^ Totally ship the times when all the members commented on the others good/ bad play~~ As expected, the only good play of Sho is the Kicking Sniper, Nino = Koro2 viking for getting 50 points and Bound Hockey for scoring, MatsuJun = Pinball Runner for getting pink balls and Bank Bowling for hitting red pins, Ohno = Dual Curling for getting 50 points and Cliff Climbing for always getting on the top of the climb, Aiba = Miracle play for Kicking Sniper and Koro2 Viking~~

Lol~~~ anddddd...... the MMDA is.....
pointed at
They decided to give the reason why the 4 members choose Oh-chan as MMDA, and it's totally funny when I saw Oh-chan gives the sign 'come2, let's hear it' when all the members ready to give the reason
and... the reasons are....
Lol~ ofc, the reasons are because of his bad play: blaming the staffs for his miss, and not talking in the show after 28 minutes 35 seconds which is the longest record (the other two are 25 min 23 sec, and 19 min ^^;)... Personally, I also want him talk more in VSA, but... I thought his bad play of blaming the staffs and mad at the guests are too much... It is not the bad play, but the way to make the shows become more funny!!! and he did it in Ohno Satoshi's style~~

So,,, Oh-channnn~~~~ DAMEEEEEEE!!!!
This year, they are using black powder instead of ink since according to Sho-chan it is very hard to remove the ink stain~~~ and Oh-chan's comment: "I'll do my work properly in 2013" is so adorable~~ for me you work hard enough already!! ^^ Otsukaresama Oh-chan~~

Ah! actually, Oh-chan already sensed that he's going to be the MMDA.. ^^
nagee na
"It's so long, for mine (bad play)"
dame da naa
"It's over for me"

Yosh, Oh-chan, ganbatte!!! so that you won't be MMDA for next year~~~ and can't wait for the VSA special on April~~ Bet de Arashi and Babanuki with 5 members of Arashi!! ^^
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Clarissa Chandra
10 March 2013 @ 05:26 pm
Looking at them in these picture:
Reminds me of:
Ohno as Doraemon, and Nino as Nobita~~ Lol~~~ I think it's the effect of their color wise~ Blue and Yellow~~~
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Clarissa Chandra
09 March 2013 @ 09:04 pm
I just re-watched all Kagiheya Eps and this revelation suddenly struck me, remember the last episode where Enomoto-chan in the airport and Serizawa was asking him about diamonds?
I just counted the diamonds and realized that actually there were 10 fakes diamonds.. I believe that actually Enomoto-chan took it, as a price for his work in solving 10 cases of Locked room~~ So expensive!!! LoL~ and the thing which makes me sure is Enomoto-chan sly smile in the end.
I don't know if everybody already know about this before.. But for me, I just got this message! LoL~
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Clarissa Chandra
So, I just strolling around on Tumblr today, and bound to encounter an article in which Arashi are being asked about "What are the benefits to get married to you?" and I'm just feeling so blessed when I read Ohno's part!! Why do I feel blessed? I can see that he is very domestic and once he got married, he will focus more on the person he loves!!
So, here we go, and the picture is not mine, it's credited in the picture, and from syadarashi in tumblr~
When I read his, I just feel that he will be such a lovely husband! He didn't offer anything to his future wife besides himself! My heart just goes away when I read:
“I will give you handmade present.”
On birthday or anniversary, i will give you present which i m
ake it myself. If you want , i can even make our wedding ring. The only one in the world for the person i love.
Just how romantic can this man be?! Well, from AniS, I know that he is not the type who really remember the anniversary or birthday, but when he do, he DO it right! I prefer someone who will give a thoughtful present with lots of feeling inside when he choose that present, rather than someone who give you present just because of obligation. another point in which he make me fall for him more and more is that he offer you his help in domestic chores!! That is just a PLUS point for my criteria of husband~~ *LOL* and of course, I like it how he appreciate the quality time for the family. *Gawd, just make me as his wife, already!*
I'm so amused when I read Nino's, I have a feeling that he can make his own lifestyle into the win-win solution to have a perfect life with his future wife~ My favorite part of his:
“You can have your own time.”
My wife can do anything she likes when I’m playing game. This is great right? We often hear people say they don’t have time for themselves after marriage, my wife will have plenty of time (LOL)
I really like this one, because I believe that even after you got married, you still have to have your own time~ fufufu, while the husband is playing game, the wife can just strolling around the city with friends~~
Sho-chan is just adorable! basically I really like his thought of having a family trip~ it IS important to change the mood from time to time~~ and yes, I also know from AniS that Sho is the type who will remember the special day~~ how can he have such an amazing memory? LoL~~ but, my fave from his part is:
“I will eat everything deliciously.”
Basically i eat a lot. People often says my reaction was very good when the food is delicious. I think i will eat in very shiawase (happy) mood in front of my wife.
I really like it when I see people eating heartily, they are just too cute~ I enjoyed the moment I saw him gobbling up foods in their variety shows~~ He just look lovable~~
Oh, Aiba~~ Zoo, BBQ, and Omiyage?! It is just too much too handle! I believe I will be very tired if I'm with you~~ LoL, those fun activities are superb for once in a while... but, but, but... If it's continuously.. my body can't handle it.... But I like his comment in:
“We can be very happy.”
I am good at creating those happy atmosphere, even when we’re only two together, i have confidence that we can enjoy ourselves just like with a bunch of friends together. It’s quite fun if we can just fool around two together.
Another quality time for the wife! Me likey~~
Matsujun-ah~~~ he is just too sociable!! He even want to make his wife become sociable and have lots of friends~~ well, it just like my image of him.. My fave of his is probably:
“You can eat nice food.”
Even after marriage, i will bring you out for nice food once a while. I have a lot of friends, so i know a lot of places with nice food. We can go to those nice restaurant during anniversary.
somehow, I got the image of him going out with his friends a LOT even after marriage... Based from the article, I kinda feel that there will be less quality time for the wife, cuz he will spend most of his time with his wife, together with his friends...

Well, that's my thought about it~~ fufufu~~ wonder who will be the lucky girls to have Arashi as their husbands...
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Clarissa Chandra
02 March 2013 @ 12:01 am
The perfect way to end this day is.............. BREATHLESS/CALLING Performance in Music Station... Omigosh, the 5 of them are just AWESOME!!!! Totally enjoy the dancing part in both songs~~~~ I also really love the moment of NakaixOhno~~~ They're never change~~~~
Music: 嵐の Calling/Breathless
Clarissa Chandra
20 February 2013 @ 09:32 pm
In the middle of preparing the material for my first class of this semester, I just can't resist to post this thing about Last Hope Drama: The Conference and the Snacks! My favorite scene of this drama is when the 6 doctors were having their conference about their patients case and how to solve it.. I really like it since they really show their personality in this interaction. How dr. Takumi always eat snacks, dr. Tachibana casual way of speak without honorific to the others, dr. Komaki big mouth when it comes to medical knowledge, dr. Ogihawara sharp tongue, dr. Takagi funny reaction, and dr. Soejima obsession with Takumi's sweets~ The funny part is the reaction of the other doctors when dr. Takumi was having his snack time.. It never fails to make me laugh! How at first they opposed dr. Takumi habit and how he always bring the snacks only for him, and then even dr. Soejima wanted to eat dr. Takumi's snack~ XD
In the 1st episode, they were confused because dr. Takumi suddenly ate the roll cake in the middle of the conference, actually, from the very first start, dr. Soejima wants to eat dr. Takumi's sweet already, but didn't get to eat that in the end~ I love it how dr. Ogiwara got mad at him cuz Takumi only bought his own portion without concerning the other doctors~
And in the 2nd episode, dr. Takagi scold him because Takumi ate his sweet again in the middle of conference, and how dr. Soejima expected that Takumi will get another solution from his sweet~~
In the 3rd episode, dr. Takumi even eat in the conference while there was another doctor from other department who joined their conference.. I was laughing because of the reaction of this doctor~~ he was saying "Why on earth this person eat in the middle of conference!?" *Takumi oh Takumi~*
In the 4th Episode, the rest of the doctors finally cannot say anything to Takumi about his 3pm snacks habit..And they were talking how getting used to something is scary.. Like how Takagi also got used with dr. Tachibana casual speak..
Yay, finally this time dr. Soejima got to eat Takumi's sweets!! *fufufu* Look at Takumi's mortified face cuz his sweets had been eaten by other person~ XD
In the 5th episode, there was no conference so it means no funny part of the other doctors reaction towards Takumi's habit~ (ㅠㅅㅠ)...

Now I'm waiting for this week episode~~ Can't wait for tomorrow!! ^^
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Clarissa Chandra
06 February 2013 @ 01:31 am
I have to say that the latest Arashi's shows is very interesting! Not to mention the on-going The Last Hope drama~ I have to say that the medical, suspense, entertainment drama really caught me now.. *can't wait for the DL link every week XD*

I just wanna share some funny moments from their latest TV shows:
1. 嵐にしやがれ
Last week's AniS guest is Mukai Osamu, I first heard of him when I watched Paradise Kiss movie, and looking at him now, he looks so dazzling!! Got to know that Oh-chan is not the type who really like to remember nor celebrate about anniversary thingy, such as birthday or couple's anniversary day... *so oh-chan* whilst Sho-chan is the type to celebrate those things.. *with lots of planning, I guess
Lol, Oh-chan just usually said that he can just say to his girlfriend *which I hope he doesn't have it now* "Happy Belated Birthday". And after that I got to see Nino's human side~~ He who once said that idols don't fart, finally admitted that he actually can fart~~

2. ひみつの嵐ちゃん
This week HnA is awesome!! Finally, The Last Mission returns! with Ikuta Toma~~ Love how Juntoshi picked on Toma-kun on how he can't promote his up-coming movie until he won the game~ and also got to see Juntoshi's side of being a Papa~
The face that Oh-chan made if he's going to play "inai2 baa~" with babies~~ *so variety mode!! wonder if he'd do the same thing with his fututre babies*
Oh-chan's feeling of being a Papa is awaken?! *oh No!*
Love how Oh-chan looks like a gorilla after he knew that he won the game!! LoL~~ I also love how Oh-chan and Toma-kun fight with each other to determine who's the weakest in the rope-pulling game~~ I really don't expect Oh-chan will win this fight~~

3. VS 嵐
The highlight of the latest VSA, Ofc the famous scene where Aiba forgot that he put his phone inside of his pocket~~ XD *replaying that scene like 100x alrdy* besides that, Arashi is actually played very good!! I think the reason they always lost is because of the one-plus guest.. If Arashi's members are the one who took control, they will absolutely rolls!! Like how Nino got lots of the balls in Koro2 Viking into the 50 pts *with the help of one plus guests*, and also Yama pair fine play of Cliff Climbing! Oh-chan got to clear 2 walls, and Sho-chan can finally finished climbing the wall!
I am totally wracking when I saw this scene, where Sho-chan said that if They (Sho-chan and Oh-chan) got to set a new record of cliff climbing time, it means it is not them! *Sho-chan, you underestimate your ability*
So happy to see him finally stood in the highest place of the walls~~ aannnddd,,, another highlight is when Oh-chan sneezed in the middle of filming!! Lol~~ and he respond with the argument of "it's better to release it since it's natural for human to sneeze."
How cute of him to do that in the middle of filming~~ *put oh-chan in my room and locked it* *devil*
Moreover, finally the MDA is back!! and MMDA is back to on March~~ I wonder who will be the one~~ *will it be Sho-chan again? fufufu*
This week MDA is Aiba~ Lol, He played so fine last week with The Last Hope Team~ I guess being with the other Arashi's members put his variety switch into the ON mode~ *LoL* Well, I have a feeling that Aiba already became last week's MDA cuz of The Last Rope 10s challange~~ *must be hurt to have a basin fall onto your head!*

やった! They already played Calling as the theme song for VSA~
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Clarissa Chandra
01 February 2013 @ 09:51 pm
So happy to be back home and back to my own room~~ When I reached the home and find my room is no different when I left it, It makes me nostalgic... Not only for the memories of my family, but especially for Arashi~~ *LoL, FG mode: ON XD* My room is the place where I started to like Arashi, watched all their videos, and started to FG about them... So, when I got back, those kind of feelings just strike me back... Especially since I am already working, the time I spend for Arashi is getting lesser than the one I did before.. 

I just finished watching The Last Hope Episode 3, I can say for sure that this drama is so much better than Aiba's drama before.... I like how they show to the audiences that the skills of Superb Doctor actually comes from their hard time in the past. I can grasp the morals that they are trying to convey that in this world "no pain no gain" is actually true.. you need to suffer in order to gain something.. Hopefully the Eng sub of this drama is out ASAP so that more people can enjoy this drama~~~ *finally Aiba-chan got a good drama :')*
Clarissa Chandra
29 January 2013 @ 03:14 pm
I'm so happy~ tomorrow will got back to Indonesia~~ *finally* Home sweet home~ Will take a break from work and focus my attention to entertain myself~~ *hohoho*

Putting that aside, I just finished watching The Last Hope till 2nd eps.. Aiba's character in this drama definitely better than Mikeneko... He has no baka trait in his character *up till now* but yeah, he still can't take off his innocent character... *that's Aiba for you*

Moreover, Sho will starred in the next season drama *finally a new drama for Sho* Been so long to see him acted in drama series after NazoDi... Gotta see Sho as a private teacher~ *fufufu*

This year, Arashi's member also busy with lots of things: Aiba with The Last Hope, Sho with Family Game and NazoDi movie, Nino with Platina Data Movie, MatsuJun also with a movie..... Then... Ohno? What will he do for the rest of the year?? He has nothing to do *or not announce yet* for now...

I hope Ohno will have another drama series this year~~ *pray*
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Clarissa Chandra
27 January 2013 @ 12:49 pm
Unexpected! In 1 week I can finish 5 different Drama~~ Well, this week has been pretty unproductive *besides the last day, which suddenly become hectic*.. Finish with the exams, marking the papers, and key in the marks... Nothing left to do, so I watched lots of drama~~~ ^^ Here they are:

1. Kimi wa Pet
I am eager to watch this again after watching Lucky Seven SP... Because it was based on manga, I also download the manga version, but haven't touch it at all~~ *muahahaha*

2. Natsu no Koi wa Niji iro ni Kagayaku
I watch this one out of curiosity.. and I really love Matsujun Character in this drama.. He looks so cute~~ Bt-dubs, I can't remember which outfit that he wear during HnA mannequin five.. But I really forget the episode where he wore that outfit... (>x<)

3. Minami-kun no Koibito
This one such an old drama... And this one is remake version of the older drama version.. But I really enjoy watching this one.. Nino looks so cute! Fuka-kyon also looks so cute!!

4. Stand Up!
After watching Minami-kun no Koibito, I thought, why not watch the other old drama of Nino? and here I was... Got to see Nino, YamaPi, Shun Oguri, and Narimiya Hiroki in old days~~ They look so cute~~ (Idk what kind of word can describe them besides that) Definetely worth it to watch this one...

5. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Yankee kun to Megane chan
This drama also based from Manga, but I guess the drama version is funnier than the manga version.. But when I first watch the drama, I thought that the drama character really resembles the manga character... This one really is good, it gives different vibes to the yankees out there..

This one, summarize the drama for the whole week... I wonder what kind of drama will I watch next week? and Can I surpass my record? Kkk~~
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Clarissa Chandra
26 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
Clarissa Chandra
This post suppose to be up yesterday, but since yesterday is a very hectic day in my work place, I don't have the chance to write it and post it.. >__<
Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Sho-chan~~ Hope you'll have a shining year too this year~

As usual, I'll tell you the best 3 solo performance of Sho-chan which captivated my heart~ *as I did the same thing with Oh-chan and Aiba-chan*

3. Yume de ii kara 夢でいいから
I've actually never seen he performed this song in DVD live before, but I really love the song and the meaning behind the song.. I hope he performed this song in Arafes, but yeah.. If he sang this one we can't see such a wonderful dance from Arashi in Sho's solo

2. T.A.B.O.O
Kkk, I grow fond of this song since it's catchy and I got to see the performance in 3 different DVD live... and I pretty love the fast beat and how Sho shows his powerful performance and rap ability~~

1. Kono Mama Motto このままもっと
Ofc this one is my no.1~ I totally love his deep voice in this song and also the meaning of the lyric.. I want him to sing this one in a live again.. perhaps the next Arafes? hahaha~~~

Yosh, this one only the best 3 of Sho's solo in my ranking, but I mostly love all of his solo, the new one in popcorn I also love it.. *want Popcorn Live DVD badly*
Music: 櫻井翔のこのままもっと
Clarissa Chandra
25 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
21 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
Saw this article yesterday and I really think I should re-post it because of the expected number 1~ (>̯-̮<)  In this post, I only include Arashi members ^^... Putting aside the other Johnny's members... *fufufu* In the last position is:

18. Aiba Masaki (298 votes)
Aiba Masaki
Arashi's forever smiling child who captivate the woman's heart with his unique voice~~ I have to say that the more I listen to his voice, the more I fall to his voice~~ ^^ It just captivated me~~

9. Matsumoto Jun (758 votes)
I have no idea why he can get this pretty high position.. Jun's voice sometimes is not really good, but sometimes it is good... somehow, it depends on what kind of song he sing...

7. Sakurai Sho (1116 votes)
Sakurai Sho
Fufufu~~ Sho is not only shining in his rap, but also his low-toned voice... When I hear his solo in Beautiful World (Kono mama motto) it just touched me in the depth of my heart.. I am fall for his voice in that song... He can show his sweet voice in ballad song and powerful voice in hip-hop song and his rap~ ^^ 

4. Ninomiya Kazunari (1723 votes)
Ninomiya Kazunari
Nino truthfully doesn't deserve this place, I expect him in the 2nd place... I really love his every solo in Arashi's album.. I also love his voice~~ especially his sentimental songs...

Finally, the shining no.1 is.......
Ohno Satoshi (7595 votes)
Ohno Satoshi
Looking at the differences in the votes of no.1 and no.2 [Kimura Takuya (1815 votes)] I have to say that Ohno really is the Star!!! It is not only the bias, but I am totally fall to his voice and performances... He have it all.. The voice, the dance, the power, and the technique!! I am still remember he also shyly confessed in HnA that he has crystal clear voice and fluid dance~~~ *fufufu* *replaying that HnA scene* I am so happy that lots of people also share the same thought as mine in Ohno's case~~ 

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Clarissa Chandra
21 January 2013 @ 12:05 am
Spent my weekend by catching up drama and movies~ ^^
Finally I got  chance to watch Lucky Seven Special and Jackal is Coming..

For Lucky Seven Special, I do have high expectation for Jun and Eita acting in this one, plus they have Ishihara Satomi-chan as the guest actress~~ ^^ Finally I can see Jun-kun and Satomi-chan acting in the same drama after Kimi wa petto *going back to watch it again*.. I have to say I really enjoy the story of this special drama~ (I even haven't watch the first episode of the drama series ^^;) Really love the scene of Jun-kun and Eita in the hotel~~ I literally ROFL in front of my lappie while watching that... I also love the storyline of this one, although I want more background of Amano the antagonist.. I hope the motive is more complicated.. I also want Jun-kun and Satomi-chan characters to have a story line after all they've been through.. >__<

For Jackal is Coming, I have to say that this movie is not like what I expected it will be.. The only thing that worth watching is Song Jihyo's acting... Even for Jaejoong's acting I don't have a lot to say.. His character really is not growing in me.. He just become his regular self.. His an idol and he has to face crazy fans and lots of crazy stuff.. Jeje's acting is not something new to me.. On the other hand, Jihyo is awesome! I really love her acting in this movie, how she behave herself as a professional assassin and how she fools other with her clumsy personality... But the storyline is so-so... Not to my liking...

Aahh... tomorrow is Monday.. have to go back to hectic daily life... *crying* *running from realuty*
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Clarissa Chandra
19 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
17 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
16 January 2013 @ 02:08 pm
I'm looking forward for these winter drama:

1. Last Hope
This one got Aiba on it.. I'm looking forward to see his acting! Can't imagine Aiba as a doctor~ his baka image never gone!! and Arashi will sing the ost~~ >__<

2. Yakou Kanransha
12_yakou kanransha
I'm also looking forward for this drama.. The story seems dark... me likey...
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Clarissa Chandra
14 January 2013 @ 12:17 pm
  • Mon, 07:51: When I watched the old arashi's varietu show, ohno n jun show a lil bit of their pervert side~ that's more lively than the recent one~ ^^
Clarissa Chandra
11 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
  • Thu, 14:38: ♥≧ω≦♥ Arashi's upcoming single: Calling~~
  • Thu, 16:13: 2 months more~ ( >̯͡ ⌣ <̯͡) RT @yamakaze0672: new tune "calling" release on 3/6
  • Fri, 09:21: I have to say, oh-chan is sugoi.. He can eat anything.. Even an expired crab can!
Clarissa Chandra
10 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
09 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Clarissa Chandra
06 January 2013 @ 12:03 pm
  • Sat, 21:26: OMG, can't believe that Arashi's member had eaten frog cuisine before and they said it was good! >__<
Clarissa Chandra
02 January 2013 @ 12:17 pm
  • Tue, 20:21: I'm ROFL-ing when I saw Ohno Satoko!! Ikko, you bring a new side of Ohno~~
  • Tue, 22:08: RT @yamakaze0672: fateful announcement: 24h TV main personality again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tue, 22:09: 嵐すげえ。。。2年連続 24時間 メインパーソナリティ?? うれしい~~
Clarissa Chandra
02 January 2013 @ 01:01 am
I have to say that when I reflect on what happened at 2012, I really feel blessed!! Not only because I got to be Arashi's fans, but also because of lots of things:

祝福なものCollapse )

The goal for 2013:
1. Meet Arashi in Flesh! Attend their concert! Be the audiences in their TV shows~
2. Improving my Japanese *working on it alrdy* :D
3. Enrolled the university once again to get the master degree
4. Got the International Driving License
5. Buy a car! XD
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Clarissa Chandra
01 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
  • Mon, 12:16: Shouji day supposed to be today, not tomorrow.. (‾⌣‾"٥)
  • Mon, 20:53: Yay! Got to catch up the furusato!! Gosh, it's beautiful, beautifull~~~
  • Mon, 21:33: OMG, Arashi's performances in Kouhaku is superb~ love the costume changing, the effect for Face down, and the sync dance!! かっこいす!!
  • Mon, 21:46: So happy that there is no bird-nest-hair for Ohno today~ Finally, he comes back to his normal hairstyle~
  • Mon, 22:39: I hope Shirogumi will win this year!!! *pray*
  • Mon, 22:46: おめでとう!! 嵐様!! Finally 白組 won this year!!! >__< So happy for themmm~~~
  • Mon, 22:59: Just finished watching the full performance of ふるさと on today's kouhaku~ the new lyric is so touching!! (>_<。)
  • Tue, 00:16: 皆さん、明けましておめでとうございます~ 今年もよろしくねえ~~昨年は楽しかったでした!私は最終的に嵐を出会うんだ~
  • Tue, 00:18: そひて、ジュンスも出会いました! Tarantallegra ライブは私の人生の残りのために忘れられない経験です。
  • Tue, 00:22: そのほかに, 私は満足した成績で大学を卒業でした。さらに、私は非常に幸運な仕事のオファーを得た。2012 はたくさんの祝福を受けている。神様、本当に ありがとうございました!
Clarissa Chandra
31 December 2012 @ 12:01 pm
  • Sun, 20:48: OMG, the set list for Xia Ballad Concert seems superb!! I wish I can watch it live!!! >_< wonder if they will make a dvd for the concert...
  • Sun, 20:56: Totally love the HNA eps where there is Ohno Fishing Club~ Ohno really is funny in those episodes~
  • Mon, 07:44: Morning moonlight.. And it's 7.30 already.... http://t.co/6ootLlws
  • Mon, 07:46: 今日の紅白、楽しみなあ~~ >///<
Clarissa Chandra
31 December 2012 @ 01:50 am
Arafes is superb!! Seriously, Arashi doesn't need the Junior to enliven the show! with the 5 of them they make Kokuritsu excited!! When I saw the set list of Arafes, I know I will totally enjoy watching the DVD, and yes!! I got excited when I watched them, I did singing along and dancing along to some songs and enjoying it like I was attending the concert! Lol~ I am so happy that they perform Love Situation, Tokei Jikake no Umbrella, Rain, Gimmick Game, and so on! *fufufu* and here, I want to share some list of song that catch my heart and refuse to let it go when I watched it:

Festival Night
They changed Carnival Night into Festival night, I am in love with this song since you can just enjoy the song while forgetting about sad things. Just let your mind flows with the happy melody. And I sang along for F.E.S.T.I.V.A.L NIGHT!! I believe that the fans in Kokuritsu also getting excited with this song!

Step and Go
step n go
Yeaahh~~~ finally!! They perform this song again~~ I love the choreography for this song, and they only perform this song with choreography in 2008 live concert. They did sing it in 2009 live concert but no full dance performance. I am so happy cuz they fully danced the choreography in Arafes.

Wild at Heart
WAH - Juntoshi-vert
I just can't say NO to this song!  The melody, the lyric, the choreography and the interaction between the members are perfectly cheerful! I love the Juntoshi moment, Aiba hyper dance, and Sho's funny face~

Love Situation
love situation
でた~~~ my favorite song~~ I love the meaning of this song, and when I watched the Time live tour 2007 where they perform this song, I just know that I fall in love with the performance. The choreography is very lively~ They dance the choreography perfectly! Yeap, they did a great job remembering the dance steps for this song! Love the back flip of Juntoshi. And this time, they even give us a 4 panel video, we can see all the members performance in one go!

Friendship and Shake it
Totally love the moment when the rest of members did the back dancer part for the member solo! In Aiba's friendship we can see Arashi with big red hand, they look so funny in it! for Matsumoto's Shake it, truthfully, I am not a big fan of his performance for this song in BW live tour, but in here It looks soooo OK! The members dance the choreography fully for this song! the shake dance, and also the hip thrust dance~ *fufufu* I also love the part where Jun sang together with the members, especially when he sang with Nino and Ohno, it looks like he's playing with them~
shake it - junki-crop-horz-vert

season - ohno
I also love this song, and Ohno's solo part in this song is totally superb~~ his singing ability is amazing! It is just keep getting better and better every year~

Sketch and Green
Finally I can see them singing this song live! I really happy when they released these song in ura ara mania CD~ Well, they did sing Green in 2008 dome tour, but there are no DVD for it~

Gimmick Game
gimmick game
I totally love this song for Nino's solo, it is rare to see him singing this kind of song, but it fits him perfectly~ the dance part also has Nino's feeling in it..

Ohno did a very good job in dancing this song! My big 3 favorite of his solo~~ IDK how many times I re-watch his performance in Around Asia 2007 live tour. Since he's dancing alone in arafes, I can see the choreography clearly than the Around Asia 2007 one. I also love how the rest of members dancing in the big screen. It looks so cool!!!

ohmiya sk 1-vert
I have to say that Jun is suitable to be a DJ, he looks so cool when he 's DJ'ing, and also I love it since I finally can see Ohmiya SK skit!! Finally they included the skit in DVD!! Thank you Jun!!

Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
I love the song ever since I heard it, and I am so happy that almost all of Arashi's fans also love the song. To add it, Ohno is the one doing the choreography for this song which makes me placing my hope highly in the sky for the performance~ and.... when I saw it, yes! Arashi is not letting my hopes down! Ohno's choreography is magnificent and Arashi performed it gracefully~ I can see that the choreography really is Ohno's type.

Orchestra Collaboration for One Love ,Truth and 5x10
one love-horz-vert
I totally love the arrangements of those songs with orchestra! One Love performance gives the fairy tale wedding feeling, with the arrangement and the costume! for Truth, I love the music arrangement for the interlude with those white furry jacket, they looks like angels! since truth dance has many movements where they turned around, the jacket just fly nicely and looks like a wings for them. 5x10, I just love this song, and yeah they did sang this song on 5x10 and BW concert, but it is just not enough! I'm craving more for 5x10 performance~ and yess I got it in Arafes~

Face Down
One of my favorite song and performance~ they just dancing the choreography dance with a lil arrangements when they moving forward to the center stage.

Eyes With Delight
So happy that they finally sang this song again~~ been a while since they sang this song in live concert. The choreography just too cute!

Now, I just can't wait for Kouhaku and also Popcorn Live Tour DVD~~ (>///<)
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Clarissa Chandra
29 December 2012 @ 12:01 pm
  • Fri, 15:27: O.M.G~大野智のRain in Arafes, is totally superb!! The dance movements and the power that he showed is still the same as 2007 one!
  • Fri, 15:28: Not to mention the 4 members who dance along in the big screen for the chorus~~ *dying from happiness* Totally love it!
  • Fri, 20:16: Totally captivated by Love Situation performance in Arafes~ I also love the 4 camera angle on every member~
  • Fri, 21:36: 時計じかけのアンブレラ は最高だ!めちゃ 好き!! It's such a masterpiece~
Clarissa Chandra
28 December 2012 @ 02:47 pm
Another make-up theme talk~~ Because somebody was asking about BB cream, I actually remember that I have a BB cream! LoL, to think that I actually forget about it.. Yeah, I'm not a crazy-head for BB cream, so when I bought it.. I probably use it for a while and then just put it there... Mine was from Biorica, I bought this lil babe when I was in Japan:
ビオリカ BB クリム
At first, I was attracted by the packaging, since it is so cute~ I actually forget, how much this babe cost, but it is not that expensive, around ¥800 (9.25 USD) for 50 ml, if I'm not mistaken... Well, it will not exceed ¥1.000~

I actually love its texture, it is not too creamy or too watery, and the finishing touch in my face also looks good. I actually just started to wear it again since a week ago, and yeah, I don't need to apply my concealer when I use this babe, since the covering is quite good~

I probably will buy it again if mine is running out~ 
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Clarissa Chandra
28 December 2012 @ 12:02 pm
  • Thu, 14:45: The latest Arashi ni Shiyagare sure pleased the S fans of Arashi~~ *fufufu*
  • Thu, 16:00: Aaww~~~ even Sho knows about 'nasi goreng' kkk
  • Fri, 11:14: There will be a special collaboration of Disney, Arashi, Kanjani8, AKB48, and Perfume in Kouhaku~~ たのしみなあ~~